NO TIME FOR YOGA Derrick Pierce Aubrey Addams

There are days where you need to kick back and relax. After a long week of work, spending time by the pool, lounging in a hot tub and taking in an incredible view has a way of making it all better. That and sex. Lots and lots of sex. It’s exactly what Derrick Pierce has in mind. It’s his chill day today. It’s also Aubrey Adam’s chill day. Which means hot tub, an incredible view, and lots of sex.

Derrick Pierce Aubrey Addams

With his grand plans set, Aubrey tells Derrick she accidentally scheduled her yoga session for that day. She needs to stretch her body out, after all. Shy Love, the famous yoga instructor, comes over and begins to help Aubrey with her positions. They practice a few moves right by a giant window looking out over the pool, giving Derrick an epic view. He can feel his cock grow. While this is supposed to be his chill day, there is no room at all for blue balls! Derrick decides to make his move.

Derrick Pierce Aubrey Addams Derrick Pierce Aubrey Addams Derrick Pierce Aubrey Addams

Derrick goes inside and interrupts the yoga session. The girls are a bit taken back at first, but Derrick insists the yoga session be rescheduled for a different day. After all, he and Aubrey have a few other plans today. Shy Love finally agrees to reschedule, leaving Aubrey and Derrick on their own.


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