Ride ‘Em Cowboy – Elsa Jean

It’s the Wild West, a time of Cowboy Outlaws and lawless Sherrifs, fist fights in the saloon, gun fights at sundown, and hot brothel wenches to keep a man company at night. In this fantasy you are a legendary gunslinger with a huge price on your head,


when you get to Aunt Sally’s brothel, a hot new blonde hooker shows you which head they are talking about.

ride-em-cowboy_thumb_2 ride-em-cowboy_thumb_3 ride-em-cowboy_thumb_5

You decide that it’s time for Vinna to focus on your erection so you take away her phone and finally Ms. Reed is able to do what she does best – give your cock one of the most pleasurable experiences of your lifetime. Now you don’t have to imagine what it would be like to fuck a girl like Vinna, you can live it through virtual reality!


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