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20” of Happiness – Lucia Denvile

Lucia Denvile is much too tight to cram a whole twenty inches of dildo deep inside her all at once, but she loves the feeling of knowing that she can go as deep as she wants without running out of the room. Like a pilot on an extra long runway, there is a degree of security that comes from having space to spare as she glides in for a landing on the largest sex toy she has ever seen.

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Ace in the Hole – Lucia Denvile

She isn’t the best poker player, but Lucia Denvile understands that a bet is a bet, and she isn’t about to welch on what she wagered. She didn’t have a whole lot of cash to begin with but when you raised on the river and she called by offering up that sweet ass of hers as collateral you were a smart player to call her bluff.


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