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Olive Gets Verronica Off – Olive and Verronica

Olive Glass doesn’t only know how to please her own pussy, but she’s a lesbian master orgasm giver as well. Olive seduces Verronica with some sensual kisses on her neck and gentle tickles on her thighs until her lips make their way to Verronica’s sensitive clit.

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Watch Each Other Cum – Marina and Charlotte Valentine

Marina and Charlotte love to play with their own pussies and each other’s. Each girl watching the other is like a private porno show and you are invited. The sexual tension builds and builds until neither can handle a second more of teasing and sexy orgasms ensue.

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Verronica’s Interview

Don’t let Verronica’s sweet appearance fool you. This girl is a vixen. In her interview, she confesses to having and preferring multiple partners (one girl and one guy = perfection) and that eating pussy is one of her favorite pastimes.

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Tasty Teases Her Clit

Here at YanksVR, we’re about 50/50 in those who think Tasty had a real orgasm for her first VR shoot. We KNOW she loves to cum and watching this sexy MILF punish her clit is fun in and of itself. While she may have been hamming it up for the camera to start, your trusty webmistress believes she was so horny and worked up at the end that she needed a release.

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Raven Snow Clit Pleasure

Raven has told us in the past how much she loves to play with her clit and she gives us a great demonstration of her favorite technique in this 3D VR video. All she needs is her index finger flicking, rubbing and circling her clit to bring herself to a heavenly orgasm.

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Marina & Charlotte Mutual Orgasm

Marina and Charlotte really get off watching each other cum. Enjoy as Marina straddles Charlotte and her perfect tits and each girl works her beautiful pussy to a vocal orgasm. They both love to tease their clits until they just can’t stand any more.

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Tasty Luscious’s Interview – TASTY LUSCIOUS

In this candid interview, Tasty Luscious shares her sexual secrets and fantasies, some of which are a little fantastical. Tasty tells us of her dreams of meeting Pan, the horny nymph God in the forest and fucking the bejesus out of him. Pan was nowhere to be found, but she does end up working herself and her pussy with her own skilled hands a little later.

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Marina’s Spectacular Orgasm – Marina

Sexy Marina loves her body and seeing her absolute sexiness, we do too! Enjoy as Marina playfully strips and then gets down to business as she first caresses her clit, then goes deep with her fingers. Marina finally ends in orgasmic glory with her trusted Hitachi.

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